Chocolate Pumpkin Halloween Cups

October 29, 2017

If you’ve read our last post, you know that I’m not the biggest fan of transitioning into the coming colder seasons. I do find the changing colors of the leaves quite stunning, but the whole bundling up thing is not a fav. Luckily, we’re currently enjoying a late indian summer in Portugal at the moment (yay for beach weather at the end of October).

But for the sake of gratitude and general well being I have made a point to try my best to find joy in everyday bundling and the smallest moments of everyday life. Smiling when holding a warm cup of tea or getting cosy on the couch with a wool blanket. Plus, fall means pumpkin season and being a huge pumpkin spice everything, I’m sold! It’s the little things that make life so special.

On that note, how about a hard dark chocolate shell and a melting center of pumpkin spice puree sound to you? Continue Reading


Ode to Summer Salad

September 27, 2017

Oh, summer, why did you have to go already?

I know a lot of people who are already excited for fall and sweater weather, but I’m a beach girl at heart so I much more prefer bikini season. I love to color of the sea, the warmth of the sand and the energy in the air that summer brings every year. If you are reading this and you know where we come from you’d think we are crazy for moving to Germany and what can I say…you might be right! 🙂

But before the temperatures drop even further, I’ve been trying to hold onto some summer vibes with colorful and light dishes. Pretty soon we will be shifting to soups and pumpkin spice everything, but for the time being, let me share with you an easy and tasty root salad. Continue Reading


My Six “Easy” Rules You Should Follow to Lose Weight

September 4, 2017

Happy Monday and happy new week!!!

We are still alive, believe it or not 😉

I´m back again after this long rest. During the last months I had to focus on my job (more clients and more hours) and I didn´t find the time to write new posts here. I´m SORRY!!!

But I´m back again and I promise you I will try to be more regular on the blog.

Today I will share with you six easy rules that you should follow if your goal is to lose weight or optimize your body composition. I won’t go into many details with this article, but I want to share with you my opinion about what you should try to do. Let me know if any of these strategies interest you the most and I will gladly go into more detail on these. Of course, being followed by a doctor, a nutritionist and/or a trainer is always the best solution. Drop me a note if you’d like to work together.

In the meantime, let´s jump right it!

Continue Reading


A valentine’s Day Breakfast that is Both Healthy and Sweet

February 12, 2017

Happy Sunday dear friends!

I know, it seems like we have fallen off the face of the earth…or something like it. But, as you know…life is busy, things get in the way, and before you know it almost nine months have gone by and no new posts from us. #sorrycrazybusy

This blog is something we take great pride on and it’s a pleasure for us to share our fitness and clean eating tips with you all, as well as a sharing a bit of our lives. We can’t promise to be super on top of posts every week, but we will try to make them more frequent than in the past months.

So, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d share with you a sweet and a savory breakfast/brunch option with some rosé prosecco because #roseallday. Both recipes are easy, healthy and with a romantic twist. Continue Reading


Green Monster Hummus

May 15, 2016

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today I’m back with a 2 in 1 recipe that’s healthy, easy peasy and packed with protein! Hummus is a delicious, creamy and quick to prepare dip or spread. You can eat hummus with crudités, bread, spread on sandwiches or even use it as a creamy, protein rich sauce for a pasta dish.

To add an interesting twist to an old beloved recipe, I’ve added peas to the fiesta. Peas are starchy, but high in fiber, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and lutein. Check out more about pea power here.

Hummus a great way to eat legumes during summer and is also kids-friendly, win-win all around! This green monster hummus recipe is ready in less than 5 minutes and we love how it tastes. Continue Reading


We Heart Vegan Ice Cream

April 17, 2016

Happy Sunday!

Today I want to share with you a little surprise I prepared for Tore. He went back home for a few days to visit his family and as he was away I planned a few little treats for him to feel welcome home. 🙂 The truth is he has a soft spot for ice cream, the boy loves his ice cream! But ice cream can be bad, with all that cream and sugar. And we’re trying to be lean, clean and green around here, so I decided to opt for a vegan ice cream recipe with a raw cacao magic shell topping. The recipe for the ice cream base is similar to any soft serve banana “nice cream”.  I mixed it with some frozen raspberries and made it in a heart shape for a romantic twist, but look past the romance if you prefer. 😉 Follow along for the recipe… Continue Reading


Let’s Burn Those Easter Eggs!

March 27, 2016

Happy Easter! AKA stuff-your-face-with-chocolate-day 🙂

This weekend Carol and I escaped for a little relaxing vacation full of seafood and good wine in Croatia. We really needed some time off.

In the midst of all our chillaxing activities, I decided to prepare a little quick and effective circuit to balance out all the wine and yes, Easter chocolates too because I am only human. You can adapt the amount of times you do this circuit to your time available, fitness level or general will to be working out on this chocolate-eating holiday. If you’re feeling festive, go ahead and wear some bunny ears and hop around, right this way… Continue Reading


Healthy Habits Are The Foundation To A Good Life

March 11, 2016

Happy Friday everyone!

I haven’t posted a Friday Favorites/lifestyle post in a while now. Shame on me 🙂

So this week I was in Paris on a business trip and after seeing me get up early to work out at our hotel and my healthy eating habits even when on the go, one of my colleagues asked me: “Why are you so committed to being healthy?” I know, pretty crazy for someone to ask that kinda question, at least for me.

In my opinion we have every reason in the universe to commit ourselves to our health. And that is no burden for me. I believe and feel that my daily choices are crucial to the quality of my life, at home and in the office. I feel much better when I’m staying active and my eating is on point. Am I obsessed and never eat a treat? No, I’m not. But balance is crucial, this is truly our mantra. 🙂

So today I wanted to share an interesting article I read a few years ago that discusses how those who reach for unhealthy snacks, or forego food altogether, have a 66% higher chance of having an unproductive day. And having lived in Germany for the last 7 years I’m now a convert and confess that that productivity is KEY!

Going back to my colleague’s question, no I didn’t answer him in preacher mode and state scientific facts, but rather chose to answer him in a more relatable way: would you put cheap fuel and be negligent to a Lamborghini? He looked at me surprised and said: “hell no!”. Well there you go, neither would or do I. Because yes, I am a Lamborghini 😉

On that note, have a healthy active weekend!


*Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty Living


My Recipe For an Ultimate Chocolate Energy Ball

February 28, 2016

Happy Sunday!

Today’s recipe is all about my love for chocolate. Yes, I have a thing for chocolate and to be honest, I probably ate one (or even more) too many sugary chocolate bars when I was a child and a teenager. You know those who list sugar as their first ingredient? Oh yeah, I loved those.

My taste has evolved since then and I prefer less sugary treats to those sugar bombs of the past. But my love for chocolate is still going strong. 🙂 So today I’d like to share with you one of my new go-to recipes for that mid-afternoon treat. A healthy snack that kicks your cravings to the curb, that is full of great for you superfoods and that gives you plenty of energy to finish your work for the day and keep you going at the gym afterwards. Continue Reading


Quick and Effective Full-Body Circuit For Busy Times

February 17, 2016

Hey everyone!

Can you believe we are already in the middle of February? Time is just flying by without me even noticing it. This is probably because I have been super busy lately. So busy that I haven’t had time to schedule in my trainings and the best I can do right now is squeezing in quick training sessions in between clients. It’s like they say, we have to make time for the things that are important to us, but I also know how hard that can sometimes be. So, I thought I would share this quick and effective full-body routine that will help you stay active, regardless of the time you have available to train. #noexcuses

Without further ado, here is the circuit I was trying out this week: Continue Reading