Friday Favorites

June 19, 2015

Good morning and TGIF!!!

There’s something about the eve of a weekend that just fills us with joy, am I right? The idea of two free days ahead of us is always just so exciting! Well, at least for those of us who have off, since Tore will be working this weekend. He will be teaching two Pilates Reformer classes on Saturday morning and Reformer and Mat Pilates classes on Sunday at Pilates Plus. Lucky for us though, to kick off our weekends with a bit of beautiful contrology with Tore. Come join us! 

This week the weather in Munich has been far from ideal. With summer just around the corner, these lower temperatures and cloudy/rainy days are far from what we would consider fitting for June. The clouds did give us some short breaks, including Wednesday evening. We took advantage of some partial evening sunshine by going out to dinner at brand new restaurant nearby called Fugazi . I had a delicious antipasti salad and a berry wine spritzer, because “wine not Wednesday”? They were both delicious! Fugazi gets our seal of approval. I might go for one of their pizzas some day, as a YOLO meal.


Apart from that there have been a lot of indoor activities going on. For starters, I finally managed to start reading a book I picked up in our last trip to Italy, at the famous EATALY in Milan. In Germany you can buy this book here (english edition).

To be honest, I bought the book because

a) I love green smoothies

b) The pictures were so pretty

Reason a being of course the most important…ok, ok…I bought it for the pictures!

book inside

Nonetheless, I am pleasantly surprised with how much I LOVE this book. It was written by Kara Rosen, the founder of PLENISH, a detox cold-pressed juice company from the UK. Her story of a prior fast-paced life, with sickness and low-energy really rang a bell in me. I too have been through the same things not long ago: feeling like a zombie upon waking up, living a routine that was far from joyous along with some chronic sinus issues. More sleep, some dietary adjustments and regular exercise have completely changed things for me and if you are willing to incorporate a more healthy lifestyle to your days, it will positively help you as well, just sayin’… 

I totally recommend this book and look forward to trying many other featured juice recipes in the coming weeks. The best part is that she and her team suggest many recipes/ingredients for specific health issues one may be encountering. So, it can be used like a little pharmacy of fruits and veggies, instead of nasty chemicals. Big YAY in my book. *

Continuing with more reading material I came across an article this week that claims there is a new diet in town that supposedly could be THE answer for more energy and vitality: the Pegan diet. It is a modified version of the Paleo and Vegan diets; hence, the name “Pegan”.  The Pegan diet takes the most healthful qualities of both diets, creating an eating style that combines the best of two worlds. In a nutshell: no dairy, no gluten and very little meat. Beans allowed, but lentils are better. This is a new concept to me and very similar to my personal food choices. Worth reading and researching. 

Finally a fitness favorite of this week was a bit of push-up training inspired by this article that Tore showed me. Who knew you could do push-ups in 24 different ways??? I can’t even do 24 push-ups in a row. On my knees maybe, but not the “normal” kind. I still struggle with spiderman push-ups…they’re killer! Clapping push-ups? Forget it! How many are you willing to try?

24 pushups


 Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll be seeing you on Sunday with some cooking inspiration. A la prossima!


*The Plenish: Juices to Boost, Cleanse & Heal book was purchased with our own money. We are in no way associated with PLENISH nor does Kara Rosen have any idea of who we are. Hopefully that changes some day since I would love to meet her. 

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