Tips for a Healthy Summer Vacation

July 10, 2015

It doesn’t take knowing me for a long time to know that I love to travel! My favorite vacations are usually at the beach during summer, since growing up and living near the beach for 20+ years explains my love for the ocean and the sun…beach girl over here! This weekend I’m off to the south of France for a couple of days and couldn’t be more excited! Having lived there during some of my University years, I’m looking forward to going to the places that have been a part of my daily routine during that time. Plus, a little Rosé and Tapenade are always a good idea!

With the (somewhat) frequent traveling, I have learned some important tips and tricks on how to improve my traveling experience while staying healthy and would like to share them with you today.


  • Staying Hydrated, Fresh and Clean

 Wherever you go, especially if you are taking a plane to get there, staying hydrated is essential! We always filter our water with a regular BRITA bottle at home and I find the BRITA Fill&Go a great travel companion. This allows you to have access to clean filtered water everywhere you go to and I can’t stress enough how important drinking water is. Who needs to pay 4 Euros for bottled water at the airport? Not me!

I also love to carry a water spray with me at all times. A few spritzes in the plane or at the beach are moments to be cherished. A hand sanitizer also comes in handy for on-the-go cleaning.



  • Healthy Snacks

Three words: airplane food sucks! This is common knowledge and yet more often than not we are caught without any healthy alternatives when traveling. I like to pack some trail mix (or some sort of nuts), healthy protein or energy bars (watch out for the sugar in those!), protein pancakes (in a Ziploc bag they totally work, trust me) or other healthy munchies. Say no to airplane chips and fatty sandwiches! N-O!



  • Portable Phone Battery

 Sometimes we don’t always have access to electric plugs and being able to use our phones to search addresses or check emails is essential on long traveling days. You wouldn’t want to be somewhere unknown without having all your travel information at the tip of your fingers. I have this cute one, but nowadays there are literally thousands of different systems available for purchase. These really come in handy and when traveling!



  • Reading and/or hearing Material

 Vacations are all about downtime! For me this means catching up with reading and relaxing. I’m a total book nerd! Therefore, I like to download a few interesting books on my IPad Mini before leaving on vacation. If you prefer audible books, that’s also an option.



  • Quality Headphones

Tuning out is not only important, it can be sometimes very necessary. Hello screaming child beside me that I don’t know, I can’t listen to you anymore when I put these! Yay! Plus, they are also vital for working out. I love to go on runs early in the morning and with a motivating playlist, running can be quite fun. These have been on my wishlist for a while…some day, maybe.

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  • Carry-on Necessities

Regardless of what you have packed in your checked-in luggage, always keep some essentials in your carry-on. More than once I’ve had the “luck” of having my luggage lost when traveling and I have learned my lesson! For me such essentials are: toiletries, any important medication, a few t-shirts, underwear and a swimsuit. Because, if I’m hitting the beach, a bikini is beyond essential!


  • Pre-tanning

Ok, this is not an extreme essential, but an oh-so-nice to have. Living in Germany has made me come to terms with being pasty for most part of the year (at least to what my Brazilian background standards are used to). And I’m sorry but I don’t like being pasty on the beach, or ever if I can be totally honest. To remedy this, I start using a sunless tanner about a week before leaving on vacation so I can avoid being casper the ghost in my swimsuit. This Tarte one has been favorite for almost a year now. Its somewhat clean formulation doesn’t make me feel guilty of contaminating my skin with any nasties and I can start my summer glow. I also love the name…very fitting! #beachgirlproblems

And last but definitely not least: SUNSCREEN!!! I always use SPF 30. which works great for my skin. I love this one from Coola because it smells like a Pina Colada. Can it get more summery than that?!


What are your travel tips and trick? Let me know in the comments section. I love to learn new things!


Have a great weekend!


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