Friday Favorites

July 24, 2015

Happy Friday, dear friends!

We are slowly getting back to blogging this week after a short pause due to technical issues. The blog is back online in its somewhat normal appearance and we hope to solve all remaining issues as soon as possible. As some of you know, technical programming things are NOT a piece of cake. But we will make it happen! #neverstoptrying

Summer has still been on full blow this week here in Europe. With the temperatures rising, our bodies ask us for cold things. Beverages…foods…water temperature of the river, you name it! At this moment I am thankful for anything that can give me some feeling of refresh.

I picked up this iced tea during my trip to France last week and have been drinking this on a daily basis. I find its mild peachyness just perfect. You can really notice how it’s not artificially flavored. I will probably be ordering more flavors online. This mojito one sounds quite interesting too.

Keeping with the same theme of #thebattleoftheheat, this week I have successfully developed a recipe for watermelon Gazpacho that is the epitome of yumminess and freshness (if you don’t mind me saying). Since I am not spanish, it was important for me to have the approval of the locals. I got 2 thumbs up from some of my favorites chicas! This recipe is coming soon to the blog. Be on the lookout!

 Having just come back from a (super short) vacation, I’m already dreaming of the next one. Tore and I can’t take a long summer break this year, but we are looking forward to a little getaway soon. This week I found some cool tips on how to take better vacation pictures that I will definitely be incorporating to our vacation photos whenever we manage to escape from Munich.

Image via: Career Girl Daily

Until then, we’re just enjoying our free time in the city with workouts whenever our schedules allow and the weather is not too (steaming) hot.  Since we were unable to share one of Tore’s kickass workouts this week, here goes a bit of You Tube fitness inspiration: Functional Patterns. Tore has been following his channel for over 2 years now and he is always proposing nice movement combinations of free body exercises with technical explanations. Not all You Tube fitness guru’s provide the same quality level, but his channel proposes an interesting combination of explosive power, agility and flexibility. Some of the workouts can be quite challenging…but in a good way!

For such free body exercises, your shoe choice is very important. You want something that gives you the necessary grip and stability but that also allows the freedom of movement. A very comfortable and functional option is the Adidas Adipure 1.1 trainers. The material is soft and as with most Adidas products, well assembled. Tore loves to use them for his circuit trainings. I wouldn’t suggest them for running though since they lack in impact absorption. Unfortunately they seem to be sold out in the Adidas website, but you can still find them here.

 adipureWishing you all a great and active weekend!


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