Power is Nothing Without Control

July 28, 2015

Hi and welcome back to our fitness corner! We have a confession to make: we have a thing for You Tube, and many times spend a bit (or maybe a lot) of our free time watching pranks or funny videos. The other day we were watching gym fails, like this one.

If you watched the video above, you could see how no control, no technique, and no balance is a recipe for failure and possibly even some really bad injuries. Therefore, always try to be followed by a professional trainer and always, always respect your body and your limits.

Today I will show you some exercises focusing on improving balance, strength and mobility for the core and back with a foam roll. This is one of my preferred tools, which you can find here

I will give you some tips, but please try to not be the protagonists of a next gym fail video.


Bridge on the roll

This is a very good exercise for the spine’s strength and flexibility. Starting with the feet on the foam roller and the knees bent, inhale before starting the movement. Exhale, pushing up the hips, inhale extending the knees, and exhale going back in the initial position.








Advanced version: keep your arms up, having less points of contact makes the move more challenging. You can also try the same exercise alternating the legs








Roll down

This is a variation of the classic sit-up. You will probably feel unstable, so focus on controlling the core and try to roll back, gradually feeling your spine in contact to the foam roller.









Roll back on the roll

Activating the core, inhale and push the legs in the direction of the head. Try to reach the foot as close as you can to the ground, without feeling any pain. Slowly and controlling the movement, roll back to the initial position. I love this exercise because it gives the possibility to close the angle more, compared to the same on the mat.
















A next-level challenge is a variation with the legs open.

DSC_0494  DSC_0493






Core strength

In this case we activate the core strength. This exercise is quite advanced, so you need a very good flexibility to be able to perform it. Starting completely long from the head to the feet, with the legs in contact to the foam roller, inhale and close the angle pushing up the bottom and keeping the legs in extension.









A good variation is also with legs open in a V position.


Obliques (the snake)

I love this exercise on the Reformer, this is a perfect way to improve the strength of core and obliques. With some small adjustments we can take this from the Reformer to the mat by starting in a side plank position with the leg crossed on the foam roller. Slowly close the angle between your upper body your legs. Once you’re in a vertical V position, spiral the upper body forward turning the navel to the floor while the upper arm passes between the supporting arm and mat Follow the movement of the arms with your eyes.










An easier variation is with both hands in contact to the mat


Remember to always focus on core control during all these exercises. Control your core, control your life. Have a great week!

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