Friday Favorites

August 7, 2015

Happy Fri-YAY, friends!

 Yay today because it is Friday and yay because the weather is amazing! Thank you weather gods!!!

Remember how I said last week that things were pretty uneventful around here? Well this week was quite the opposite and we’ve been full of things to do. But, since the weather is so nice we’re also making sure to enjoy some free time outside, even if that means a quick dinner on the balcony late at night. I love candlelight. 🙂


Here are some things we have been loving this past week:

 1) Detox ice cubes

 Everyone and their mothers are in the detox water bandwagon. When the temperatures rise though, making ice cubes with fruits and veggies is a great option for feeling fresh and hydrated with an extra dose of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Win-win. You can read more about these here.

detox ice cubesSource: Le Zoe Musings


2) A recipe for a summer picnic

 The combination of beach and picnic really speaks to my heart (and soul). We have no beach were we live but we have the English Garden and the Isar river, so with a few alterations, we can make things work and plan a perfect little soiree or afternoon event. This article presents some must-haves for a great picnic that are just too cute for words. This is definitely going on my summer to-do list.

beachpicnicSource: Oh Happy Day


3) Keeping things organic

Living clean is not only about the food we eat but also the products we use in our daily lives. Everything we put on our skin becomes a part of us. So, it’s only half the battle to focus all our attention only to what is on our plates and ignore what we put on our skin. I’m not saying to be super radical and only use coconut oil to hydrate (even if it is great for that) but paying more attention to our hygiene and cleaning products is something I consider very important. This is not a beauty blog, so I won’t go into detail about every product we use but here is a medley of our current bathroom favorites. If you have any questions or would like a more in depth explanation on these just let us know.

bio products


 4) Agave chocolate

Another aspect I look out for in clean living is reducing as much sugar as I can. Sugar is such a poison! It is especially bad for us with autoimmune disease issues, so I try to avoid it as much as I can. I do like my chocolate though, so I was happy to find a new alternative that is more health-conscious in the market. I bought this at Galeria Kaufhof here in Munich.



5) Stomach vacuuming

Please don’t take your vacuum cleaner out just yet. Well, if you want to clean the house a bit go ahead, that counts as exercise in my book if you break a sweat. But please, don’t stick your vacuum cleaner to your stomach…that would be bad. Stomach vacuuming is actually a breathing exercise that activates and strengthens your deep abdominal muscles, the transverse abdominals, by simply contracting it. It’s an alternative to crunches and the benefits include reduced lower back pain, improved posture, and a more stabilized spine. These are supposed to be done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, right after your detox lemon water and before your protein-filled breakfast. Or is it just me that has such morning rituals?

 You can see a detailed explanation on this “technique” here:


OK, so we’re off to enjoy the weekend now. With some sunshine but also some Pilates, since Tore will be teaching Reformer and Pilates Mat at Pilates Plus on Saturday and Sunday. Come join us! Until then, have a great weekend!




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