Friday Favorites and a Little Surprise

August 14, 2015

Happy Friday, dear friends!

So this week our little fitness blog just turned 2 months old. In the blog world that’s probably not a big deal and we should probably be celebrating only the first year, but I like celebrations. So why not?! I’m the kind of person who loves birthdays, loves a nice party or any occasion (excuse) to celebrate life. Because when you think about it, life is pretty amazing! So, happy 2 monthaversary, Train Hard Live Clean!

So, to celebrate with you, our dear readers, I have created a #fitspo wallpaper for the IPhone 5 and IPhone 6. I wanted something that could motivate you, every day, every time you look down at your phone. And if you’re like me, that happens a thousand times a day! Without further ado…our very first Train Hard Live Clean IPhone wallpapers.


For the IPhone 5 version, click here

The IPhone 6 version is right this way

I hope you guys like them! 🙂

Now, getting back to our regular schedule, here are some of our favorites this week:

For surviving this heat wave, my Nutribullet has been a major lifesaver. When it’s this hot, I survive either on light salads (like the one posted last Sunday) or on green smoothies. I find it much easier to drink my veggies than cook them in the summer time.  It’s also super fast and handy, since it doesn’t create a pile of dirty dishes. I already had a regular blender, but a few months ago I decided to invest in a Nutribullet anyways, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It is super easy to use, makes ultra smooth smoothies (I don’t like chunks) it’s easy to clean and to take on the go. I can’t think of any negative points…and I’m pretty picky when it comes to appliances. Several friends of mine also bought one after me, since I apparently can’t stop raving about it! We got ours here.


Another essential life hack that I have known for ages but never put into practice prior to this week is freezing grapes. I read about this ages ago, only god knows where, but never gave it a second thought as to trying it out. Boy, do I regret it. When frozen, grapes become mini sorbet portions that are simply heavenly! The texture is perfect and it’s not too sweet either. Real nature’s candy. YUM, YUM, YUM is all I can saw…that and we now have no more freezer space since it’s all full with grapes. My bad.


If you’re into DIY, like myself, this Home Depot tutorial looks like an amazing project. It doesn’t seem too hard to make, probably not very expensive either and the end result: a beautiful designer piece for your home. If we ever move to a bigger house, I’ll definitely be giving this a go.

Home Depot Tutorial TableImage Source: Home Depot

If you are more of a gym or group fitness person and always wondered how you could benefit from Pilates, here  is an interesting article for you. Pilates is far from being “just stretching” or “just for women.” Joseph Pilates was a bodybuilder himself after all, and his method really entails the balance of the mind as well as of the body. It is a truly holistic approach to health and fitness. If you are interested in checking out Pilates, we can recommend Pilates Plus here in Munich.

Check out his physique! And at age 82 nonetheless. He must have been doing something right. 🙂

joseph pilatesImage Source: Coventry Pilates Studio

 And here a music favorite I’ve been listening to during my runs.

 I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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