Squatting like it’s hot: Part III of Squat Training

August 25, 2015

Hi all,

We’re living in a never ending summer…I love it!

Now we are getting even more serious with our squatting. These moves take your squat game to a whole new level and when done regularly will be sure to guarantee you a tight and strong butt.

You will probably notice that the location of these pictures is a bit different than the Pilates studio. We took some of these in nice and hot summer day in Strasbourg, where we went for a weekend mini-vacation. It was amazing. French food and Pistol squats… what a nice break! If you ever plan to go there, make sure you include a visit to the Orangerie park. Between one cheat meal and the next, #sorrynotsorry, we had a great time in this green and beautiful park, which turned out to be the perfect spot for some free body exercises.

Today I will continue showing you some exercises for the legs that are a bit more advanced. With a combination of flexibility, balance and explosive power, you are sure to feel the burn! Check out Parts I and II in the blog before attempting to try these for the general rules and tips.



Deep Squat Jump

Starting with the pelvis in contact to a step (not sitting); explode in a vertical jump up with the knees in the direction of the shoulders. Try to control the impact going down as much as possible by first touching your toes, then middle/external of the feet and finally the heels. Be fluid with the movement: one explosive part going up and one controlled part touching the ground with the feet and going down with legs and bottom.



Assisted Deep Pistol with Support

Using a bench or a chair for support makes the movement easier, with less weight, and more balance. This is a deep pistol, so when it starts to get hard to stand up and go down with control, take it easy. Quality always comes before quantity!



Leg Stretch Pistol (Single Arm) Balance

This variation helps to work on your back chain flexibility during the exercise; therefore, improving also your balance.



Pistol Jump and Switch

This move is perfect for explosive power and control. The connection of a dynamic jump and the need to reorganize the balance on the opposite foot is a big challenge. This is a very advanced move.



Pistol Side Jump on Step

The pistol side jump is a good exercise for explosive power on a single leg, in classical pistol squat position, but on side of a step or a bench. Push on a vertical jump with the foot and the leg, while trying to jump up controlling and reorganizing the balance.


Start by doing a few reps of each move just to get the feeling of how your body reacts. Respect your body’s limits and focus on quality over quantity. Once you feel more comfortable, you may include them in your killer #legday routine as I do.

Have a great active week!

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