Get Sweaty: a Fat-Blasting Interval Training Cardio Workout

September 1, 2015

Hi all!

Today we are back with a new cardio routine that you can do at the gym (with a treadmill) or outside. Interval running sessions ramp up what can sometimes be boring cardio sessions and challenge your body in different ways throughout every workout. I’m not suggesting you ditch steady-state cardio sessions for good, but by alternating them with interval sessions you will peak your performance even further. Also, this kind of training can even provide the mental stimulation to fuel your health transformation! If you’re ready to improve your speed, blast fat and hit the ground running, today’s article is for you.

Interval running is a form of training where the runner is constantly changing their pace throughout the workout. This approach keeps your body from getting too comfortable with any one exercise while, at the same time, helping you burn calories and keep your metabolism up post-workout. There are different kinds of HIIT (high intensity training) working with distances, times or heart rate. A classic HIIT training for athletes is to repeat 400-mt sprints around 6 to 8 times. The training I’m proposing today is more flexible. All you need is a timer and to be ready get sweaty for 40 minutes. By doing this with a workout buddy, it will be easier to find the motivation to try even harder.

In this workout, you will start with a short warm-up session followed by a short, high-intensity bursts of energy (sprints) followed by easy-to-moderate effort. The sprints call you to push yourself to your very max. The following low-intensity periods allow you time to recover. I included a medium paced interval to make the transitions a bit easier.  This pattern repeats until you finish with a cool-down period similar to your warm-up. If you are an advanced runner and would like a REALLY intense workout, skip the running and focus on jogging and sprinting. 

This interval training cardio workout takes about 40 min from warm up to cool down. If you only have less than 30 min to train, divide the jogging and running times by half and maintain your sprints at 30 sec intervals. I promise you, whatever time you have to dedicate, you will be dripping by the end and definitely be feeling a cardio high. Gotta love those endorphins! 😉

To keep up the time intervals, I highly recommend the app Gymboss. We had already talked about it here and you may download it here.


Interval RunningTo download the PDF version, please click here.

Have a great active week!

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