Effective Dynamic Stretching and How to Prevent Muscle Soreness

September 8, 2015

Happy Tuesday dear friends!

In today’s post I bring you a combination of mobility, breathing and soft stretching in a dynamic stretching flow sequence.  The slow and controlled movements helps to reduce the sensation of tension given by your training. If we train hard, we should also stretch the right way, so we may train even harder in the future.

When we think of stretching we typically imagine the classic static stretch where each position is kept for 10 to 30 sec at a time. As a post workout routine that can be good to improve flexibility, but why not make it even better?  To make sure that you don’t hurt yourself it’s important to note that there’s more than one difference between pre- and post-workout stretching.  

Before working out, static stretching doesn’t prevent injuries, as confirmed by different studies here and here. Instead, it’s actually less efficient, since it impairs strength and power. I would suggest you not to force your muscles with tensions and stretching during the first part of your training. The focus when we are warming up should be to get the blood flowing in the right areas, preparing your joints and body for an intense physical activity. Our motto should be: less stretch, more mobility!

As a cool-down, stretching helps to improve the range of motion and improve flexibility for the next training. When the body is warm it’s easier to stretch, but it doesn’t mean that it will help to reduce muscle soreness. Some studies, as this one, show that stretching in amateur athletes did not alleviate muscle soreness.

What should we do to prevent muscle soreness??

-We should drink more water, since it’s vital for recovery, muscle growth, and getting rid of the toxins formed during our workout.

-A warm shower or even better, a relaxing bath,  right after your  training (increases blood flow, reducing lactic acid) is also important to keep muscle soreness at bay. Next Friday Carol will be sharing her favorite post-workout bath recipe. Be sure to check back with us later this week.

-I would also suggest a higher protein intake post-workout as well. Your muscles will need them to recover and grow. Protein-rich recipes such as this quinoa, this fish or these pancakes are great post-workout meals, depending on the time of the day you prefer to train.

Shall we stretch???

YES! But in the proper way!!!

These are the following moves for your dynamic stretching routine:

Dynamic Stretching moves

In the video below I’ll show you how to perform each of these stretching moves. I hope you guys like it!

Have a great active week!

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