Interval Training Island Workout

October 6, 2015

Kalimera and happy Tuesday dear friends!

I’m just stopping by today for a quick hello and to share a little workout we did together this morning. Between all the feta cheese and delicious Greek wines we were needing to break a sweat. Since our hotel doesn’t have a gym and we brought no fitness equipment with us, we had to improvise in the small road we have on top of our hotel.

It seems simple, but I promise it is quite an effective workout. The circuit repeats itself for 5 times for a total workout time of 40 minutes. If you have less (or more) time available, adjust the number of repetitions, but keep the proposed interval times.

I hope you enjoy it!

Today is our last day in Greece and Carol is waiting for me at the pool, so I better not keep her waiting too long. Have a great week!


Interval Island Workout

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