The Great Benefits of Coconut Water

October 16, 2015

Happy Fri-YAY!!!

I’ve been a busy busy bee this week enjoying some quality time with my friends and family in Brazil. I’m also doing as many outdoor activities as I can, since I know that the European fall is waiting for me in a few days. Runs oat the beach, functional training on the sand, hiking and stand up paddling have been my go-to workouts these past days. It’s safe to say that I’m soaking up as much summer weather as I can!

One of my other absolute favorite things about coming home is being able to drink as much coconut water as I like. Coconut water is a super food and the most refreshing drink I know! It is considered more hydrating than normal water since it’s rich in nutrients that are known for their rapid hydration: sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. This miracle cocktail help us recover faster from the strains of traveling and to better manage jetlags, so I make sure to drink A LOT of coconut water every time I am in Rio. Of course this isn’t that easy to do in Germany, since fresh coconuts are not available but I have found that the brand Vita Coco has a great tasting coconut water. It’s my occasional splurge. 

Today I thought I’d share some of the incredible benefits of this super food.


cocnut water benefits


10 Reasons to Drink Coconut Water

  1. Coconut water is 100% NATURAL , it does not contain any artificial sweeteners, dyes, caffeine or chemical preservatives. (check your labels if you are not having it fresh)
  2. Coconut water is a great source of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine and sulfur. These minerals are difficult to find in a normal diet, even for those who eat clean.
  3. Coconut water contains vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system, heal wounds and protect skin.
  4. Coconut water contains  B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B9 vitamins.
  5. The minerals found in coconut water have a positive impact on your hemoglobin; therefore,  ensuring a good blood health.
  6. Coconut water can reconstruct the electrolytes secreted by sweat, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. This plays an essential part on your recovery after training. It’s a great post-workout drink!
  7. It increases the oxygen in your muscle tissue; therefore,  improving athletic performance.
  8. The action of its nutrients is almost immediate. That’s why it works great as a plane hydration source! In only 24 hours, its electrolytes are absorbed in the body and immediately relieve any signs of dehydration.
  9. Coconut water contains dietary fiber and amino acids. These improve insulin sensitivity.
  10. And best of all: it tasted AMAZING!!!

10 reasons to drink coconut water

These are just some of the reasons why I love coconut water. I like to drink it pure, use it in smoothies, acai bowls and even for as key ingredient for my favorite post-workout drink. No


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