5 Ways to Motivate Yourself To Workout During Winter and Fall

November 3, 2015

Happy Tuesday dear friends!

As the weather keeps getting colder and colder and the days shorter and shorter it can sometimes be hard to find that extra motivation to get out of bed and go running when it’s chilly and dark outside or to venture out to your local gym. The struggle is real! You are not alone!!!

So, today I would like to share 5 tips on how I make my life easier and get myself up and going to workout in the morning. Yes, hitting the snooze button and laying in bed sounds ever so enchanting…but we have #fitnessgoals and these do not include being a couch potato during the colder months. (I know you’re nodding while you’re reading this) Let’s get started!


1) Lay out your workout clothes the day before or sleep in them

Some people like to sleep in their workout clothes to be able to literally jump out of bed the next day and workout. I’m not crazy about that option since I don’t find workout clothes as comfy as my pajamas, plus for the girls it’s not the best feeling to be sleeping with a sports bra. But if it works for you, then please do it. Even having the clothes beside your bed is a great motivator to not hit that snooze button and hit the ground running.

workout clothes-2

2) Invite a friend

Very often we plan our trainings but don’t show up because in the back of our minds we are thinking: “it’s ok, nobody is waiting on me.” Well, if your friend is waiting, you definitely should not let him or her wait very long. Having a training partner is such a good motivation technique! He or she motivates you, you motivate them…everybody’s happy. YAY!

workout partner


3) Post on social media

As you have probably already noticed we post often on social media any training related content. No, we don’t make sweaty post-workout selfies every time (let us know if we should lol) but it’s always nice to get positive feedback from friends, family or instagrammers in general. So, let your followers be your cheerleaders and post those selfies, or those pictures of the gym/running track, etc… Tag us and we’ll be glad to cheer you on as well

workout_socialmedia_postImage Source: Memegenerator

4) Reward yo’self

Didn’t you just bravely conquer the cold? Go ahead and reward yo’self. Not with cake, cupcakes or donuts though! Maybe with some nice hot tea after your workout? Or a towel soaked in hot water with tea tree oil for an at home spa experience? Didn’t miss a workout for a whole month? You definitely deserve to splurge on a massage. If your budget doesn’t allow it, maybe drop a hint or two on your partner. The important thing is to have rewards/treats that improve your wellbeing rather than go against the efforts you made, like that cupcake.


5) Summer bodies are made in the winter

Visualize how (amazing) you want to look like at the beach the next summer. You will be even more amazing if you DO NOT SKIP that workout! Tell this to yourself every day like a mantra. This will surely get you through thick and snow.


I hope you liked the tips I shared today and that they also help to motivate you to keep training hard during fall and winter. Do you have any tips to share? We’d love to hear them!


Have a great active week and remember, that snooze button is only for the weak!

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