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November 6, 2015

Happy Fri-YAY dear friends!

Another busy week coming to an end! I honestly can’t believe it’s already November. The last couple of months have really flown by and so will the next ones. The holidays are now, just around the corner. It’s hard to grasp! Today I’m sharing with you guys some of the things that I have been loving this past week. Health, fitness and lifestyle…all in the mix. Let’s begin!

This week I tried Spotify Running for the first time and I (unfortunately) love it! The idea behind it is that it chooses songs related to your taste in music (that they ever so sneakily know) and that match your running speed. So, you can basically run feeling pumped, at the right amount. To me it’s absolutely genius!!! Two small downfalls though: it’s a battery and data vampire. I went running for a bit less than an hour and “lost” almost 50% of my battery. That’s huge! Plus, I’m sure my little 1 GB LTE a month internet will slip through my fingers in a heart beat if I use Spotify on the go constantly. But, it’s a nice little splurge for every once in a while.

spotify runningImage Source: Spotify Running

I am totally a creature of habit. Every morning, every single morning I drink this green tea. I love green tea, but this one surpasses it. The combination with mate and grapefruit is so fragrant. In the summer time I find that drinking hot teas are a bit too much and prefer juices and infused waters, but when it’s cold there’s nothing better than starting your day with a warm beverage that is full of anti-oxidants.

Kusmi tea

We are lovers of all things Chia around here. Those small little seeds are packed with such amazing goodness and are very versatile since you can add it to almost everything! They’re also great for making jams and puddings…healthy ones. Check out this article to read about some of the benefits of this super seed.

Chia BenefitsImage Source: Byrdie

I’m crushing on an incredibly colorful Dia de los Muertos Party from Design Love Fest. This color palette is a lot prettier than the classic Halloween. I’m totally not a lover of dark clothes and decor. Give me color!!! I may or may not try to convince Tore of doing a Dia de los Muertos party next year…just as an excuse to have a bunch of color during Fall.

dia de los meurtos partyImage Source: Design Love Fest

This week I found this really cool idea about making flags out of the country’s national foods. I guess Italy’s is pretty self explanatory. Pasta e basta! 🙂 

Italian-flag-made-foodImage Source: This is Marvelous

I don’t know about you but I’m super excited for this weekend! For us it will be filled with good stuff like hiking in the mountains with friends and watching the new 007 movie.

I hope you have a great active weekend!

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