The Best Way to Stay Fit, Healthy and Happy During Fall

November 10, 2015

Happy Tuesday dear friends!

As you might have already seen, we had a great little adventure in the mountains this past weekend. Hiking is a passion we share and that we always do while in vacation. We have hiked in Sardinia close to Cala Luna (AKA little paradise on earth), in the Malibu Canyons in California, in Santorini and Carol also went hiking on the Sugar Loaf in Rio last month. Even though this is one of our favorite ways to discover new places while on vacation we both had never been hiking close to home. And if you know a little about the south of Germany, you know there are A LOT of mountains to explore, so shame on us! 🙂

So, it was time to remedy that. Last weekend we went to the Spitzensee (a lake south of Munich) and went up the Aiplspitz following this path (sorry but it’s all in German). It’s a medium level hike that takes about 2:40 hours to go up and a bit less than 1:30 hours to go back down.  We did a slight modification to our tour and we also went up to the Rotwandhaus, which was a bit further up.

During the hike you are literally bombarded with the most amazing views. Fall has been really nice to us up until now and we’ve had a lot of sunshine and relatively warm temperatures (17°C in November feels like a blessing). As you can probably notice from our pictures. 🙂


You probably already know hiking is good for your health. But do you know just how good it is?

  • Improved cardio respiratory endurance
  • Improved muscular fitness
  • Hiking engages almost every part of your body: abdominals, legs, hips, butt, knees, ankles, arms, shoulders and neck
  • Weight control; hiking can burn up 500 calories in 1 hour (according to my Polar watch)
  • Lower blood pressure (source)

Plus, according to this source, the benefits of hiking surpass only physical benefits in many ways.

  • Your creativity and attentiveness are enhanced from being in contact with nature
  • Hikers are happier people as shown in this study

In general, being outdoors, enjoying time in nature, feeling the sand or earth on your toes does wonders to your well-being. I always feel that it somehow recharges my batteries to be in contact with nature. Of course, you get tired from a strenuous hike but you will also feel refreshed. We are always so caught up in our busy city life, surrounded by concrete, that a bit of contact with green and fresh air can only do us good. Plus, we all know the wonderful benefits of exercise to our well being thanks to our friends seratonin and endorphin. Lastly, spending time with friends is not only a great motivator to keep active but also a fun way to do it.

So next weekend, take out your hiking shoes (or running shoes as I did) and head to the mountains. Make a habit out of it and you are sure to feel and see great results. As I always say: it’s not about spending hours at the gym and obsessing over your training. To me, being fit and healthy is about moving and keeping active all the time, but in a way that your body and mind enjoys rather than in a way that stresses you out.

See you in the mountains! Have a great active week!!!



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