A Quick Guide To Santorini

November 20, 2015

Happy Fri-YAY!

As many of you already know, Tore and I went to Greece in October. Even though we have been married for a while, we hadn’t yet gone on a proper honeymoon. So, when the time was right, we booked a trip to Santorini, in Greece. It was our first time in Greece and we have both fallen in love with the country and the people. Every one we met there was so incredibly nice, the scenery was of an indescribable beauty and we came back home feeling like we had just been living in a dream. And we actually kinda were. For so long I had dreampt of going to Santorini and all those Pinterest images just kept my dream more and more alive. So, thank you to Tore for coming with me and being hands down the best travel companion I could ever ask for. Here are some of the things we did and saw on the beautiful island of Santorini.

We stayed at the Vinsanto Villas hotel in Imerovigli and let me tell you, I’ve never felt more glamorous EVER. This place was simply unbelievable!!! The view, the complimentary à la carte breakfast, the rooms, the décor, the service, the atmosphere…I can go on for days. They were all so nice that I think I had a little something in my eye when the time came to go back home. #SantoriniInMyHeartForever


Vinsanto Villas Breakfast

What to do:

Go on a boat cruise to the Nea Kameni volcano, the hot springs in Palea Kameni and Thirassia. A great boat trip to visit the volcano and learn a bit of the story of Santorini. It’s crazy to think how all that beauty could be the aftermath of such a terrible tragedy that wiped out the Minoan civilization.



Visit the Akrotiri archaeological site to see and walk the same streets that the inhabitants did in 1450 BC. We were amazed at how advanced they were!

Oia is the most popular part of Santorini. There’s lots of restaurants and shops and a gorgeous architecture. Around sunset hour things can get crazy though, especially on the weekends. I can imagine it’s even more busy in the summer time, so be prepared. It is however the MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSET IN THE WORLD! (I’m drop dead serious)


Rent a quad to really explore the island and go to the beaches. The Red Beach was beautiful but our favorite beach in Santorini was Perissa.



Do a honey tasting at Melissotopos in Fira. The honey there is so, so, so good! We bought one orange honey and I regret not having bought 2 bottles.




Eat and Drink:

Lunch at Avocado: a great restaurant in Imerovigli that takes a healthy spin on Greek food. Delicious and affordable. I ordered the Santorinian Zucchini Risotto with fresh spearmint, cretan goat’s cheese and lemon and it was awesome.


Lunch at Avocado Santorini

Onar in Firostefani: best greek salad I’ve ever tasted and a great view over the Caldera.


Have an afternoon at Santos Wines winery – we ordered the 12 glass wine tasting for the two of us and let’s just say, things were very happy! (I would not recommend driving afterwards though) It comes with a delicious platter of appetizers as well. Our favorite wine: Nykteri, a dry white wine with aromas of jasmine, flowers of citrus fruits and a hint of pear. Yum!



A nice dinner at La Maison. It’s an innovative Mediterranean cuisine that I don’t even know how to put it in words. Quite pricey but such a great experience! I ordered a risotto that came with a cheese gelato and actually came in a broken plate. All the plates were beautifully presented.

La Maison Santorini

A sunset dinner at the Blue Note in Imerovigli. The food, view and service was so amazing we went there twice. My salad had a truffle honey that was incredible!!

Blue Note Santorini

Lolita’s gelateria (in Oia) is a must!!

A romantic dinner at Karma in Oia: the cool, candle lit ambiance is the perfect setting for a nice dinner. Since it’s not in one of the main roads, it’s also a bit hidden and away from the crowds. The food and the service were great!

Good to know:

Make sure you have as many coffee frappes as possible. Probably not the best quality in coffee, but when they frap it up, magic happens!

Drink wine, eat grapes, try the honey and have some feta! The food there is incredible. Mind blown.

I don’t know if I’m in love with this place because it was our honeymoon or if it’s just that spectacular, but our entire time in Santorini was so positive and beautiful that I just kept pinching myself. The views and sunsets are jaw dropping. I cannot wait to go back again to Santorini. It’s a gorgeous place that I urge everyone to visit at least once.

Here are some other images of beautiful Santorini for you to enjoy. Have a great weekend!









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