The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Health And Fitness Lovers

December 11, 2015

Happy Friday!!!

If you’ve anything like me, you’re all full of Christmas spirit and cheer! I just love the holidays!!! Growing up, this time of the year was very different for me. Summer Christmas is just not the same and I always felt sorry for Santa, sweating like a pig with all that velvet under a 40C weather. Poor guy!

But despite the heat, Christmas was always a time to spend with family and loved ones. I used to love helping my grandmother in the kitchen to prepare the big feast! I also always helped her pick gifts for everyone. She used to say I had this talent for knowing what people love. So, this week I decided to put my “talent” to the test and round up the ultimate gift guide for fitness lovers. These are either things that I already have and LOVE or that I would love to get this Christmas. #hinthint 😉 If you are looking for a present for your mom, husband or a best friend, these are great gift suggestions for all age groups. I picked gifts that are intended to generate great healthy experiences, not just nice things to have, because the gift of health is the greatest gift of them all!!! Believe me, I know this first hand…after having stayed over a week sick in bed, I’m putting an even greater value to my health these days. 🙂

So…let’s get started!

Fitness Holiday gift guide 2015

  1. According to Tore, these are the most comfortable sneakers to train in. He’s an expert, so I trust his judgement. Maybe Santa will bring me a pair.
  2. I have 10,000 water bottles, but this is my hands down favorite one! It keeps beverages cold for 24 hours or hot for 12.  It is made from BPA-free, double-walled stainless steel with a vacuum seal that keeps liquids and carbonation fresh. Plus, it’s gorgeous!
  3. A lovely little set with four all-natural products to help you feel more energetic and enjoy deeper rest and recovery after your trainings. An energy-boosting balm, a mood-lifting mist, a de-stress bath mist and perfect sleep pillow spray. You can also split them up and use as stocking stuffers!
  4. Oh, Somuchmore, how I love thee. Whether you know someone who gets bored of taking the same old spin class, or they’ve never worked out at all, this gets you the in at the best studios in the city. They even have a holiday special here.
  5. Heart-rate monitors have been around forever. But a pair of bluetooth earbuds that doubles as a heart-rate monitor and uploads workout data right to your phone? That’s an all-in-one that makes sense!
  6. A 100% organic, nutrient-dense wholefood smoothie powder made from the naturally dried leaf of the moringa ‘miracle’ tree., It is a rich source of plant protein and is high in ten essential vitamins and minerals. A great addition to all your smoothies.
  7. How to make the best smoothies ever? High-quality produce and this gadget have your back. Yummy smoothies every day, yes please! I’ve had mine for almost a year now (am actually sipping a green smoothie as I type this) and it means I can whip up a meal in under a minute so no more skipping meals and getting hangry.
  8.  Foam rollers are awesome at working out knots in our legs and back, but occasionally our neck and shoulders could use some extra TLC. That’s where this massage roller ball comes in handy. It may look like a dog toy, but this is the best gadget for treating the side effects of your desk job: tight tissue in your back and neck. It’s ergonomically designed to fit the anatomy of your spine. Plus, it’s compact, so you can quickly toss it in your bag and treat yourself to a massage on the road.
  9. This ladder is designed to enhance agility, balance, and coordination. No wonder professional athletes use it. Spread it out along the floor and run, hop, and jump your way over the durable flat plastic rungs. Get ready to be swift Muhammad Ali!
  10. A limited edition roller ball brings calm, comfort & confidence when you need it most.  A few dots of this invigorating oil will help alleviate tension, awaken the senses & prevent you falling asleep on your keyboard. It smells amazing and I always carry it in my bag for a quick pick me up.
  11. Lorna Jane makes my favorite sports bras. They are stylish and provide great support. The girls need good support, always! This one has a higher neckline for both a fashionable and flattering fit, plus this fairy floss hue adds that feminine touch to our workout looks.
  12. If you’re goal is to become superman or wonderwoman, this little toy is for you. It helps you by counting reps, measuring force production (including your one-rep max,  and sending it all to the companion app for a full workout breakdown. You will feel like a professional athlete!
  13. If you’re looking for a more standard tracker, this is the best one out there. By using continuous heart rate monitoring it offers more accurate feedback on your activity and overall health than its rivals. The OLED screen will show off your daily stats, as well as caller ID from your smartphone and the app is brilliant for beginners.


What’s on your christmas list this year? Write us a comment below. We’d love to hear it!


Have a great active weekend!














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