A Quick Christmas Interval Workout to Burn Those Holiday Treats

December 15, 2015

Hooray! It’s Christmas time… which means, tis the season for all those cookies and treats at Christmas parties. Plus, tis also the season for being super busy with all the events in your calendar, which leaves little to no time for your workouts. However, it is still very important to keep up with the healthy habits we work for so hard during the rest of the year.

If your situation is like mine, the holidays usually involve spending extended time back home with my family which means away from our home (from my equipment) and from our go-to gym. While there’s nothing better than seeing the family, keeping my body challenged and moving makes me happy, as I am sure it makes you happy too. #endorphins

Therefore, today I present you with a quick but effective Christmas Interval Workout that is designed to be done anywhere using no equipment. This workout will get your heart pumping and work your entire body. You can tailor this workout to the amount of time you have at hand. Less than 10 minutes? Do 1 round…it’s better than nothing. 15 minutes? Do 2 rounds of the circuit. Over 20 minutes at hand? Do the circuit three times.

Repeat each move for 1 minute. No rest between the moves, 1 minute rest between each round. I recommend working out in the morning during the holidays, because more often than not, you end up not having the time if you leave it for the end of the day. You’ll still get the feeling of a great workout at a fraction of the time and feel full of energy for your busy days and holiday parties.

In case you have any doubts on how to perform these moves, check out the following links:



Check out our in-depth article on push-up training here.

Jump Squats

Plank (isometric hold for 1 minute)


Tricep Push-ups

X Jump Squats

Alternating Lateral Lunges



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