Hiking in Sardinia

January 13, 2016

Welcome back to our fitness posts and happy new year!

I hope you enjoyed the holidays like we did with family, friends and good, tasty food. We had a very nice vacation and of course we did our best to also stay active. Right after Christmas we did a great and unforgettable hike into the heart of Barbagia region, in the wild and beautiful Sardinian mountains. We started this hiking excursion near the village of Oliena to end it near the Su Gologone Waterfall, right next door to where we celebrated our wedding last year.

Even if it was cold, even if Carol wasn’t at her best (back pain) and even if we ate (maybe) too much the days before, there were no excuses! Hikes and long walks are an amazing way to keep healthy and active with friends and family, especially when you are away from home and from your go-to gym. It’s particularly helpful around the holiday season, so that not all quality time is spent around a table (aka feasting).

This hike consisted of a 20 kilometers path from Monte Maccione to Su Gologone, moving along the Corrasi Mountain. My cousin Alessandra and her friends joined us that day. It wasn’t their first time in these mountains and I would suggest you to always contact an expert that knows the area well if you go hiking there. Our guide Gianfranco was very prepared and even if the track was a medium level difficulty, he helped us to change a part of it because it was starting to be a bit too hard for Carol’s condition and the fact that both of us didn’t have proper hiking shoes.

This wasn’t our first hiking in Sardinia and for sure won’t be our last one. Sardinia is not only about beaches and the exclusive (and expensive) Emerald Coast. If you like fresh air and a taste of wilderness with stunning and impressive views, you should explore its beautiful mountains as well.

I hope you are all having a great active week!






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