A Winter Interval Training To Get The Burn Running

February 3, 2016

Hi all!

Winter is in full gas with cold and short days combined with a lot of calories. #iknowyouhadthathotchocolate But it’s too early in the year to give up on new year resolutions, so we better focus on our trainings and aim to eat clean at least 80% of the time.

This new year started for me with quite a few new clients who love running. So, even if I’m not the best runner, I’m trying to improve my skills and my stamina to be a better coach to them. Today I’m sharing an interval training that I did myself to check and train my aerobic and muscles resistance.

I tried to mix 2 short free body circuits with a running routine, the idea being to complete all the training under the 40 minutes. I managed to stay at around 37 minutes.

For this training I started with 5 minutes of running,  did a mini circuit with 3 exercises and then back to running 5 minutes. After this run, another mini circuit with 3 exercises. Followed by 5 minutes of running (to improve my speed) and 30 seconds of sprint at the end where I really tried to push myself to my limit. I would suggest to end the training with 4 minutes of jogging to slowly cool down.To top it all off,  a short stretching routine.

If you feel it’s too much for you, you may also do only 10 reps for each exercise.

A good challenge could be to check how long it takes you to complete all intervals and then try to improve your time on the next training.

Have fun and have a nice and active week!

Interval Winter

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