Let’s Burn Those Easter Eggs!

March 27, 2016

Happy Easter! AKA stuff-your-face-with-chocolate-day 🙂

This weekend Carol and I escaped for a little relaxing vacation full of seafood and good wine in Croatia. We really needed some time off.

In the midst of all our chillaxing activities, I decided to prepare a little quick and effective circuit to balance out all the wine and yes, Easter chocolates too because I am only human. You can adapt the amount of times you do this circuit to your time available, fitness level or general will to be working out on this chocolate-eating holiday. If you’re feeling festive, go ahead and wear some bunny ears and hop around, right this way…


I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you compensate all the indulgences that accompany this specific holiday.

Have a great active week!

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